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venerdì 15 luglio 2011

Alone in the World

Paint Sculpture Tutorial

Paint sculptures are not only beautiful, they also offer a vast variety of different images that depend on many different factors. By experimenting with the main drivers, fantastic variations of different images can be achieved. In the following tutorial, I will introduce the equipment needed, the setup of all the gear and some first ideas for your own experiments.

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3 Qualities of Being a Photographer

This article is written with respect to the intrinsic qualities of being a photographer and their growth as a photographer. It will remind every professional photographer of the journey they started. It will encourage every beginner to learn more, see more and experiment more in the direction of their dream to be a professional photographer.

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lunedì 11 luglio 2011

The Importance of ‘Enough’ Depth of Field in Wildlife Photography

Depth of field is often discussed when reading about wildlife photography, usually with the emphasis on ensuring that a small enough depth of field is used to guarantee that the background is thrown out of focus to give emphasis to the subject. However, it is important to ensure that the depth of field you obtain is still large enough to render the entire subject in sharp focus – what good is an image that has a beautifully soft, distraction free background, if the subject itself is not in focus.

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