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giovedì 14 giugno 2012

"Luce e colore, poesia dell'Infinito" mostra fotografica di David Butali

Aula della Cultura, 15 giugno - 19 Agosto 2012
La mostra delle foto di David Butali ha il dono di introdurci nelle atmosfere delicate e sottili dei paesaggi toscani. Le linee, le luci, i colori e i ritmi armoniosi di queste visioni, diventano poesia raffinata senza luogo e senza tempo, che ci trasporta verso mondi lontani, evocando il senso e la bellezza dell'infinito.

La mostra si inaugurerà Venerdì 15 Giugno 2012 all'Aula della Cultura alle ore 18 e rimarrà in esposizione fino al 19 Agosto 2012

venerdì 8 giugno 2012

10 Photographic Assignments to Hone Your Skills

by Darren Rowse

A few months ago I wrote about how setting myself photographic assignments was one of the things that had helped me to improve my photography the most.

The idea was that it is often when you put yourself into a situation specifically for photography that you are forced to practice the theory that you know and you see your photography improve.
The assignments I mentioned were all different types of photography or places to take photos – weddings, road trips, sporting events, festivals, portrait sessions, concerts, trips to the zoo etc.
What I didn’t mention in the post was another set of ‘assignments’ or challenges that I’ve set myself over the years which have also led to a lot of photographic growth.
In these challenges I tend to set myself the challenge to only shoot in one particular way for a period of time (for me it is usually a weekend challenge as that is when i take most of my images).
These challenges all relate to your camera and limiting yourself in some way to either switch off some element of the automated aspects of your camera, limiting yourself to really hone a skill or to practice some kind of technique.
While this isn’t really a natural way to shoot – I find that focusing in on one particular aspect or skill in photography at a time can really help to see improvements in that period of time which means when you next need that skill you’re all ready to go!

Here’s a few suggestions based upon weekends that I’ve done:
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